Sunday, March 27, 2011

$5 Giveaway

Ok, here we have it! Our first on-line giveaway! All you have to do is go to "donate", and for every $5 donation, we'll enter your name into a drawing to win one of 4 grand prizes! Go to entries titled: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and Group 4 to view the prizes.

What do I win? A collection of hand-made goods from very generous Etsy owners! There is a brief description about each item in each group (there are 4 total), and the websites of each Etsy owner's shop. Please take a moment to check out the shops that interest you. The Etsy community is so generous and tight knit. I am so thankful for all the people who donated. You are helping us bring a little girl home whose life and ours will be changed forever. Thank you.

When? March 27-April 24th. Winners will be announced April 26th. There will be 4 winners, one for each grand prize.

Why? To raise money for our Ethiopian adoption.

How? Just go to "Donate" and donate any amount! For each $5 donation, we will enter your name in a drawing to win! So, if you donate $10, your name will be entered twice. $15 - three times, etc. If you prefer to send a check, please mail to Heather Curry P.O. Box 871448 Vancouver, Wa 98687. For an extra (free) entry, just repost our giveaway on your Facebook, Twitter, or blog! E-mail me to let me know when you've reposted it (or leave a comment on the bottom of this page-it's kind of a pain!). If you prefer to sponsor a puzzle piece when donating, please write "puzzle" in the message section.

Based on what we've heard from others who have done giveaways, our goal is $500. To view prizes, go to entries titled, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, and Group 4. Thank you so much. Please help us spread the word!

We will be doing our homestudy later next month, so we will definitely give updates on that. Wish us luck!

Our newest puzzle piece sponsors are: Grandma Iseli, Heidi Davis, Leslie Vannini, Pam Baxter, Joni Stallings, Allison Duggan, and Irina Neagu. Thank you so, so much. We love you!


Group 1

These are from my shop Hand-made sterling silver hooks with freshwater pearls. This has been one of my favorite etsy shops for a long time, and the seller was kind enough to donate this sterling silver bracelet for our giveaway. The heart charm says "love" on it. You must check out her shop for other cool adoption themed jewelry. I aspire one day to be as talented as her and have as successful of a shop. My sincerest thanks, Junkposse!!

Here's a little glass angel made and donated by She is so sweet! This seller also donated another glass angel featured in another group. Please check out her shop!

Hoo! Hoo! donated this scrabble tile pendant. Great gift for teens! (or keep for yourself. :) I'd wear it!!)

You will receive the cupcake keychain from this picture. They are durable and high quality. Made and donated by

How cute is this little doll? She is even wearing African traditional wear. She was lovingly made and donated by Go to their website to find the link to their adoption blog.

This Africa ornament was donated by The heart marks where Ethiopia is located!

This is a man's adoption awareness shirt in a size XL. The Jenkins family is also adopting from Ethiopia. I think this must be Mr. Jenkins. :)

This shirt was made and donated by She makes the coolest clothing by recycling old clothes! Patchworky and quarky. LOVE the shop. This is a girl's size large.

What better way to mark your garden rows than with old antiqued silverware? These were made and donated by The prices are great in her shop!

Group 2

Print donated from You will get to choose the print of your choice! ($20 value). There are so many cool ones to choose from!! Actual piece measures 4.3 x 7.5 inches. Printed on white premium quality, artist’s matte heavyweight non-glare 8.5x 11 inch paper.

This sparkly pink necklace is made from a bottle cap. Great gift idea for a little girl! Made and donated by This seller is a big believer in adoption and has adopted internationally as well. Thank you!!

Here is another creation by Fun and original.

This ornament was made by the Jenkins family. So, so cute!

You will get to go to this seller's shop and choose any scrabble tile pendant! The shop is:

This is ultra modern and THE perfect cocktail ring. Made and donated by:

Love, love, love this music scrabble tile necklace donated by

This group comes with a women's and men's adoption awareness tee shirt donated by The women's size is a medium.

Men's size is a large. I think this must be Mr. Jenkins from To find a link to their adoption blog, go their etsy site.

You will receive the soccer ball keychain from this grouping. These are durable and high quality for the mom on the go. Donated by:

For the eco-friendly coffee drinker! Made and donated by

Group 3

This paper garland is made from recycled magazines/newspaper. Perfect to decorate kids' rooms, classrooms, office, etc. Made and donated by

This soft mushroom rattle was made and donated by There's nothing better than hand-made toys for your little ones!

How adorable is this cute Tinkerbell scrabble necklace? This was donated by She donated 6 necklaces to our fundraiser! So, so generous.

I love this little glass angel made and donated by This could be a decoration for your child's room or a Christmas ornament. I just love her hair!!

How sweet are these?! A big thank you goes to for their generous donation of a pair of hand-made baby maryjanes!!

This sweet, sweet elephant is SOOOO cute! My picture did NOT do it justice. So, so loveable! This was made and donated by This bib was donated by This seller makes really fun, patchwork clothing. So chic!

This is a small women's pink adoption awareness tee shirt donated by

This is an adorable, loveable little doll was made and donated by This family is also adopting a baby from Ethiopia. Their blog is

Group 4

Your very own photo bracelet, made by me!! Sterling plated bracelet with 5 pix of your choice - just e-mail them to me, and viola-a personalized bracelet!

This scrabble tile pendant comes in a cute little tin! This was made and donated by

This bookmark was made and donated by It's very sweet.

Funky and fun, these seed bead earrings will be the perfect accessory for you! Make any outfit come alive when you wear these. Made and donated by

This shirt is from Shirt is a ladies large. Go to this website to find the link to the Jenkins family adoption blog.

This precious print is from It's titled "Life As They Know It" and is an 8 x 10 print. This image reminds me of life for kids in Lagos.

This wall plaque is also from This bible scripture puts a lump in my throat.

This is one of my creations. It says "I (heart) adoption" in Ahmeric, the Ethiopian language. All sterling silver with an 18 inch chain.

This fun bobble necklace was donated by Super fun for little girls or big girls with lots of personality!!

These durable, high quality keychains were donated by You will receive one of these pictured. Great for the mom on the go!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fundraising Update

I just wanted to give a quick update on where we are in the adoption process. We reviewed our service plan with Gladney over the phone on Tuesday, March 8th. Our next step is to schedule our home study and send in half of our payment to Gladney. The home study is $1400, plus $700 for Gladney to review it. Half of our payment to Gladney is $2750. So, we are in need of $4850 total. Right now we have $1800.

I can’t believe how generous you all have been in our fundraising efforts. We have 5 puzzle piece sponsors so far: Mom and Dad Gutridge, Lori Litteral, Dorothy Stedman, and Andra Wagner. Thank you guys, so much for your love and support. If you would like to sponsor a puzzle piece, please click on “donate” in the upper right hand corner of this blog. For any donation amount, we will write your name on the back of a puzzle piece that will be hung in our daughter’s room. She will be able to look back and read all the names of those who loved her before she was here. Feel free to share this fundraiser with your friends and family! It’s a 500 piece puzzle, so we have quite a ways to go. J

Another hugely successful fundraiser has been our African beaded bracelets. My sister organized this initially and has sold over 50! Thank you to all who have purchased them. We still have a lot left, so please e-mail me if you’d like to order.

In about 2 weeks, we will be holding an online giveaway of donated items from various Etsy vendors who have kindly given to our cause. For every $5 donation, your name will be entered into a drawing to win these beautiful creations. We will have 5 winners. Check back for this fun giveaway in late March!

Lastly, we are planning to do a big garage sale in late spring. We would love any donation items that you might otherwise be giving to Goodwill. Garage sales bring in lots of shoppers and lots of cash. We’d love to advertise it as a multi-family sale. Please e-mail me if you’d like our address for dropping off donated items. Thank you so much!

We are overwhelmed with the love and support we’ve received from family and friends. I wish I could hug every single one of you.

Love Always,


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