Sunday, April 24, 2011

Givaway Winners

Happy Easter!

A huge thank you to all who participated in our giveaway. We had tremendous support, as well as more puzzle piece sponsors. We have raised and saved enough to send our first payment to Gladney ($2750). Woo-hoo! Our giveaway made $340. Thank you so much to all who donated items and those who donated financially. We are very, very thankful and had a lot of fun.

For Easter today, we headed out to Lewisville Park with all my family. My little nephews Tate, Mateo, Preston, and Diego drew the four winners. My niece Molly organized the boys and helped make everything "official". They were a great help. Here are the lucky winners.

Group #1 - Heather Sochacki

Heather is a 7th grade Language Arts teacher at my school. She's super funny, zany, and uber creative. I know she will enjoy the goods from Group #1.

Group #2 - Tracy Hanson

Tracy is a generous Etsian who made and donated the silver bracelet from Group #1. She is a huge adoption supporter, and her jewelry can be viewed at

Group #3 - Andra Wagner

Andra is my best friend's sister. She is the mother of a sweet, sweet little guy named Ian. Andra hosted a fundraiser party for us and raised $65 for us by selling wholesale cards. We will be selling the cards soon, too!

Group #4 - Debi Jenkins

Debi is another fellow Etsian who donated all the Africa shirts in each of the groups. She is also adopting a child from Ethiopia. She has great African craft items that can be viewed at

I wish there was a prize for everyone because you all were so, so generous. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating and making this giveaway a great success.

Puzzle Piece Update-
Remember, each $5 donation writes the sponsor's name on the back of a puzzle piece. For more info., click on the entry titled: Puzzle Piece Fundraiser.

Our new sponsors are: Stacy and Avery Iseli and Anthony Serles, "Wally" and Shahana Wallace, Grandma and Grandpa Gutridge, Grandma Lorraine, Marci and Ray Solar, Melody and Josh Irvin, Tracy and David Cairo, and Dan and Diane Force. We're chipping away at the puzzle and can't wait to put it together! Thanks to all of you for joining with us on this journey.

Now for some things to look forward to:

Garage Sale: June 17-19

If you have any items you'd like to donate to our garage sale, please e-mail me at and I will come pick them up from you! So far my principal's daughter has stuff for us from her storage unit. My co-workers, Pinar and Kelly, have offered stuff. My mom's best friend, JoAnn, is donating her mother's bed, dresser, and night stand. My aunt Sue and cousin Tracy have stuff they're going to donate. My grandma Lorraine has stuff for us. And we still have tons of African knick-knacky stuff we will sell. We hope to have the HUGEST garage sale ever!! We'd love to sell your stuff, too!

$5 monthly earring sale

Every month I will be featuring 3 varieties of $5 featured earrings. They will be simple, so I can make several at once, but they will still be of great quality and very stylish. Our Africa bracelets were such a huge success, I had to come up with something new! Here is a sneak peak at what's coming for May. *Info on how to order will be in next week's blog

Again, a HUGE thank you to all who participated in our giveaway. We love you!